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Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23
Vemana Kreedotsava-23

Kho Kho Tournament into VTU INTER - COLLEGIATE KHO_KHO (Men) TOURNAMENT, Bengaluru Central Division

Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament
Kho Kho Tournament

Report on VTU state level Best Physique (Men) and Weight Lifting (Men and Women) Championship and Selection trials

The grand inauguration of the VTU State Level Best Physique (Men) and Weightlifting (Men and Women) Championship and Selection Trials took place on September 1st, 2023, at Vemana Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. The invitation had been published well in advance in all VTU-affiliated colleges in Karnataka.

Prerequisites for the tournaments, such as checking the participants' weight and categorizing them appropriately, commenced before breakfast at 7:30 am.

On this momentous occasion, Sri Srinivasa Swamy S P, an International Bodybuilder and Joint Secretary of Kabba, and a National Referee, graced the event as the chief guest. The inauguration function was presided over by the honorable President of Karnataka Reddy Jana Sangha, Sri S. Jayaram Reddy. All the office bearers of KRJS witnessed this remarkable event, which included an invocation song, the lighting of the lamp, a welcome speech, an address by the chief guest, a presidential speech, and the national anthem. The felicitation of the chief guest was also part of the inauguration.

We received an overwhelming response from all over Karnataka, with participation from 50 different colleges, totalling 147 participants, including both boys and girls. A few glimpses of the event showcase the success of the day.

Some of the participants demonstrating their skills during the Best Physique rounds.

VTU state level Best Physique
VTU state level Best Physique
VTU state level Best Physique
VTU state level Best Physique
VTU state level Best Physique
Mr. Mohammed Rizwan

Physical Education Director
Land Line: +91 80 - 2552 9875

Provide adequate facilities for sports and games through a coaching, and outreach activities, to purse excellence in the advancement and development of physical education sporting and extra-curricular activities.

To provide a broad spectrum of sports, recreation and leisure activities for students that stimulate growth, fitness and wellness, social interaction, and leadership opportunities.
To identify and encourage developing athletes/students with ability, as well as to coach and train them.
To create enthusiastic and passionate sportsman, who will show sportsmanship spirit at all the time.

The inaugural ceremony of VTU inter-college Kabaddi tournament (Men) Bangalore central division commensed at Vemana Institute of Technology, Bengaluru on 4th November, 2022. It started with the invocation song to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha followed by the introduction of the various inter-college sports events conducted at Vemana Institute of Technology. This is followed by lighting of the lamp by the group of dignitaries- the chief guest, Sri. Arumugam, International Kabaddi player, Sri. S. Jayarama Reddy, President, KRJS, Dr. Kiran Kumar H K, Regional Director, Bengaluru Central Division and Dr. M. Shivram Reddy, Member, VTU Sports Council and Former Regional Director, Bengaluru Central Zone, VTU, Belagavi, Vice President, KRJS Sri. A R Shivram and Sri. Venkatshiva Reddy, Joint Secretary KRJS, Prof. P. Sadashiva Reddy and K M Krishna Reddy, Sri. M Chandra Reddy, Treasurer, KRJS and Dr. Vijaysimha Reddy B G, Principal, Vemana Institute of Technology, Bangalore and student participants.

Dr. Hemamalini G. E., formally welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais and participants from various VTU affiliated colleges. She mentioned about the VTU inter-college Kabaddi tournament (Men) which would take place on 4th and 5th November, 2022.

The chief guest, Sri. Arumugam enlightened the students about the game and shared his experiences at international level.

Dr. Kiran Kumar H K, had given the information on sports inter-college events conducted by VTU to encourage students in the field of sports.

Dr. Vijaysimha Reddy B G, gave an inspirational word to the participants and wished every team a great success.

Finally, presidential address by Sri S. Jayarama Reddy, President, KRJS was motivational to the crowd present in an auditorium.

In the end, Dr Sharath B R, Assistant Professor, Maths Dept. proposed vote of thanks. He thanked all the invited guests, participants, principal of other KRJS institutions, HoDs, Professors and students for gracing the occasion by their solemn presence. He also thanked VTU for providing the opportunity to conduct the VTU intercollege Kabaddi tournament (Men).

VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)
VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)
VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)
VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)
VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)
VTU Intercollege Kabaddi Tournament (Men)

Vemana Institute of Technology continues to follow its tradition of developing the holistic personality of our students at Vemana It. The institution also concentrates on academic excellence but believes in the overall development of students. We organize several co-curricular activities throughout the year, and sports are integral to college culture. In coordination with Physical Education Director Mohd Rizwan, the sports committee of our institute organized VTU Intercollegiate Table Tennis Bengalore Central zone (Men &Women) for all the VTU affiliated colleges. Our students' secured Runners and qualified Inter-zone in inter-zone II Runner addition our students represented the institute in the number of inter-college events organized by VTU and other affiliated institutions.

Inter class events are kick-started with Tug of War (men & women) 8th June 2022 400 students participated the events MC Member Mr Vasu inaugurated it have graced the occasion the chief guest hold Tug of War rope hoisted the flag signaling the start of Tug of War.

He much awaited annual stats meet Vemana Kreedotsav of Vemana institute of technology was held on 10th June 2022 at St. Johns ground which was a day filled with passion and excitement experienced amidst thrills shrills and cheers. The day started off with the lovely rendition by salutation to the lord almighty, and another highlight of the day was the lighting of Olympic touch the students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way commencing with march past of six contingents of different departments.

Col.S.K.Singh Commanding Officer 39 KAR BN NCC was the chief guest for the inaugural function and Smt. Usharani international Kabaddi guest of Honour our president Sri S.Jayaram Reddy, secretary Sri K.N. Krishna Reddy, Joint secretary Sri. Sadavashiva, sports committee staff have graced the occasion. Prof. Venugopal and Prof Munikrishna introduced the chief guest and Dr. Lokesh Reddy delivered the welcome address and the oth was taken by the students solemnly pledged torch hold the spirit of true sportsmanship the chief guest delivered the speech wherein emphasizedon confidence commitment and continuous efforts to realize their dreams later the students are graced by presidential speech he mentioned the importance of sports in the student's life his speech was inspiring and valuable the principal of this esteemed institution prof Venu thanked all the office bearers and management committee member principal and staff for their cooperation and supports and advised students to keep up their sportsman spirit.

The competitors participated with great excitement in the track and field event the event included races in categories of 100mts 200mts for boys and girls and field evens include board jump discuss throw.

Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022
Vemana Kreedotsava - 2022

Intramural activities

Vemana Kreedotsava

Vemana institute of Technology provides indoor and outdoor sports/games, for student to improve their ability to achieve their goals in the sports.

Extramular activities

VTU and various inter collegiate tournamentsparticipated in indoor and outdoor

Athletics event participated in GNDEC, Bidar

Badminton event participated in BMSCE, Bangalore

Football event participated in new horizon college of Engineering

Basketball event participated in MSRIT, Bangalore

Vemana Institute of Technology hosting VTU TOURNANENTS every year

Staff cricket our college staff cricket team participating inter collegiate tournaments










Annual Sports Meet "Vemana Kreedotsava" of Vemana Institute of Technology was held on 14 November 2019 at St John ground Dr. Shivram Reddy Bangalore Reginal Director the chief guest for the inaugural function, KRJS President Sri Jayaram Reddy, General Secretary Join Secretary Sri Sadashiva Reddy, Sports committee member Sri. H N Shaman Reddy and the member of sports committee, staff have graced occasion.

The competitors participated with great excitement in the track & field event such as 100, 200, 400, 1500mts, and discuss, shot put, long jump for both boy and girls, the prize were distributed to winners.

2. PRAJWAL: Represented VTU in marathon.
3. RANJITH: Represented VTU Taekwondo

Outdoor: Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Kabaddi, kho-kho & Net Ball.
Indoor: Chess, Carom and Table Tennis.

Vemana Institute of Technology has organized VTU tournaments i.e., Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Chess, Mallakhamba, Gymnastics, Taekwondo etc.


The E-WASTE MANAGEMENT program took place on February 13th, 2023, organized by the NSS team of Vemana Institute of Technology. The event featured Ramnath Narayan, CEO and Managing Director, who was invited as the speaker and chief guest. This program was held in collaboration with the Leo Club and Lions Club in the seminar hall.

During the event, the guest speaker provided comprehensive insights into E-WASTE management and highlighted the essential steps required for effective E-WASTE recycling. The students displayed a keen interest in understanding the process of recycling products. Following the informative talk, students from Vemana IT actively participated by collecting E-WASTE, which was then handed over to the appropriate personnel responsible for recycling the waste.


Blood donation camp was successfully organized by NSS team VEMANA IT in connection with NCC team on 15thFEB 2023 in association with KIDWAIMEMORIAL INSTITUTE OF ONCOLOGY. Nearly 110 students from various departments including principal, staff and non-teachingstaff have actively participated and donated their blood. Initial checkups were made on the samples and later blood was taken. Following are some photos on camp day.

3) Swatch Vemana Abhiyan

In view of making a garden our NSS students have participated in Preparation of the front area of the Vemana IT Entrance. This activity involved students in batches on 09/03/2023, 10/03/2023, 11/03/2023 and 31/03/2023 Between 6 AM to 8 AM. This activity involved students in batches in various capacities. Students who are involved in cleaning, clearing the debris present there, digging and disposing the soil etc. At the end of the activity students were given refreshments and breakfast on all the days.

With the goal of creating a garden, our NSS students enthusiastically participated in the preparation of the front area of the Vemana IT Entrance. This engaging activity took place over multiple days: March 9th, 10th, 11th, and 31st, 2023, from 6 AM to 8 AM. The students were divided into batches and contributed in various capacities to ensure the success of this project. Their tasks included cleaning, clearing debris, digging, and disposing of soil.

Upon the conclusion of each day's activity, the students were treated to refreshing refreshments and breakfast. This collaborative effort not only enhanced the appearance of the entrance area but also provided students with a hands-on opportunity to contribute positively to their surroundings.

4) International Yoga Day

The NSS team of Vemana Institute of Technology celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21st, 2023, with the theme "VasudhaivaKutumbakam." As part of the festivities, a yoga training session was organized for interested students. Renowned yoga guru, Mr. Palled Vinay Kumar, a senior nursing officer, was invited to guide and enlighten both students and staff about the practice of yoga.

The session commenced with an introduction and the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. This event provided an opportunity for participants to connect with the ancient art of yoga and its profound benefits, promoting unity and well-being among the Vemana IT community.

Following the formal inauguration, Mr. P. Vinay Kumar assumed the role of conducting the session. He commenced with a yoga warm-up session, leading into the practice of Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), followed by instruction in breathing techniques and an instant relaxation technique. The participants then engaged in a series of gentle yogasanas.

A total of 65 students and staff members derived valuable benefits from this enlightening session. To conclude, the yoga guru emphasized the significance of yoga and encouraged students to actively engage in yoga programs, as well as take the initiative to promote and share the benefits of yoga with others.

5) International Day AGAINST Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

On the occasion of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the Government of Karnataka organized a rally on June 26th, 2023, at VidhanSoudha. The esteemed Chief Guest for the rally's inauguration was Deputy Chief Minister Shri. D. K. Shiva Kumar, who was joined by other government officials, including the State NSS Officer, Mr. Prathap Lingaiah.

During this significant event, the Chief Guest addressed the gathered audience, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness about drug abuse and illicit trafficking, and the detrimental effects these issues have on society. The rally served as a platform to unite efforts in combating these pressing challenges and promoting a healthier and safer community.

The NSS team of Vemana Institute of Technology actively took part in the rally, joining forces with over 30 colleges from in and around Bengaluru. The rally commenced at VidhanSoudha, where students proudly held placards and chanted slogans to raise awareness about the cause.

From Vemana IT, a total of 105 students, along with the NSS officer and their team members, enthusiastically participated in the rally. This collective effort showcased the dedication of the Vemana IT community in supporting the campaign against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, demonstrating their commitment to a healthier and safer society.

The rally concluded at the Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, where all participants were provided with breakfast. As the session came to an end, a group photo session was organized with the NSS state officer, and certificates were distributed online to registered participants. The students expressed their happiness and satisfaction for the meaningful work accomplished on that day.

specimens copy of the certificate received by the students.


The NSS team of Vemana Institute of Technology celebrated international youth day on august 12th, 2023, at 09.30am with the theme “Green skills for youth: Towards a sustainable world", in association with Leo club of vemana IT (Lions international dist. 317E) As part of the celebration, a rally was organized for students and members of Leo club. Renowned district governor Dr, RamarajURS and Lion. Prof P. Sadashiv, dist chairman for youth exchange, led the rally around Koramangala. The session commenced with an introduction. This event provided an opportunity for participants to connect with the youths of vemana and promoting unity and well-being among the Vemana IT community.


Independence Day is celebrated in India on August 15th. Independence Day commemorates India gaining freedom from British colonial rule on August 15, 1947. National Flag Evolution: The Indian tricolour flag has evolved over the years, with its current design officially adopted in 1947. At VEMANA IT, the NSS team joined hands with the NCC team to celebrate 77th Independence Day on august 15th, 2023.


The first-year induction program was conducted by the NSS team of Vemana Institute of Technology. In this program, Dr. Sathyanarayan, the chairman of NSS, addressed the students about NSS and how it helps them obtain their B.E. in their respective branches. He discussed the advantages and activities that will be conducted from the date of commencement of the odd semester. As a result of this awareness, around 150 students have joined the NSS team.

2) Health checkup camp (24-9-2022)

Normal health checkup involves regular physical examination, tests for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, BMI (Body Mass Index), eye examinations, skin check-ups, complete blood tests, and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases. To create awareness about their physical health conditions, the NSS team of VEMANA IT collaborated with the NCC team of VEMANA IT to conduct a camp on November 24th, 2022.

Many people around the college, including Vemana IT faculty and students, effectively utilized this camp. Under the guidance of Prof. Jayanna from the Mechanical Department, this camp was organized, and he provided valuable suggestions during its execution.

3) KOTI KANTA GAYANA (28-10-2022)

KOTI KANTA GAYANA was conducted prior to KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA on the 28th of September. This initiative program was organized by the Government of Karnataka to add an additional dimension to the state festival in November. The main objective of this program is to showcase, extend, and promote Kannada culture further. As Kannadigas, it fills everyone with pride to be a part of this auspicious program.

KotiKantaGayana was celebrated on the VEMANA IT campus in collaboration with the Cultural Committee of VEMANA IT. Many Kannada songs were sung during this program, and all students participated in this activity. The highlight of the celebration was the Nadageete, and a pictorial view of the same is provided below.

4) National Unity Day (31-10-2022)

National Unity Day is celebrated in India on October 31st. It was introduced by the Government of India in 2014. The day is observed to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who played a significant role in the political integration of India. At VEMANA IT, the NSS team joined hands with the NCC team to celebrate National Unity Day on October 31st, 2022.

5) Leo Club Inauguration on 30-11-2022

LEO stands for "Leadership, Experience, Opportunity." Members of Leo clubs embody the finest qualities of our remarkable organization. They are dedicated young individuals who recognize the power of acting. Together, Leos and Lions forge a formidable partnership — one built on mutual respect, where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leo’s gain access to the proven strategies of those who have effectively served the world for decades.

While there are numerous ways people can contribute to their community, being a Leo entails much more than just providing service. Opting to join Leo clubs enables students to evolve as individuals and leaders, as they become part of a global family of young people dedicated to making the world a better place. To enhance the existing qualities of students and to place a greater emphasis on societal service, the NSS team of Vemana IT has established a platform for all candidates through affiliation with LEO. Consequently, an inauguration took place on November 30th, 2022, during which the motto of Leo was elucidated by a Leo club member.

6) Report on Soil day on 21-12-2022

World Soil Day (WSD) is observed every year on December 5th, aiming to draw attention to the significance of maintaining healthy soil and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources. The NSS team at Vemana IT celebrated Soil Day on December 21st, 2022. On this occasion, students planted various plants in front of the entrance gate and committed to monitoring the growth of the planted trees on a weekly basis.

Sl. No. Date Activity
1 15-08-20 Independence day
2 26-01-21 Republic day
3 06-07-21 Covid vaccination drive

1) Independence Day celebration at Vemana IT (15th Aug 2020)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology in collaboration with youth red cross unit, celebrated the 74th Independence day at Vemana IT on 15th Aug 2020. Physical director Mr. Mohammed Rizwan and NSS programme officer Mr. S Puneeth graced the occasion. NSS volunteers along with few teaching and non teaching staff members participated in the event. NSS programme officer, Vemana IT spoke to volunteers about the importance of independence day. He also hoisted the indian flag. Physical director Md. Rizwan distributed the sweets to all volunteers and the celebration ended with national anthem.

2) Republic Day celebration at Vemana IT (26th Jan 2021)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology in collaboration with youth red cross unit, celebrated the 72nd Republic day at Vemana IT on 26th Jan 2021. Dr. Chandrashekar S M, vice principal, Vemana IT, Physical director Mr. Mohammed rizwan and NSS programme officer Mr. S Puneeth graced the occasion. NSS volunteers along with few teaching and non-teaching staff members participated in the event. Dr. Chandrashekar S M, Vice Principal, Vemana IT spoke to volunteers about the importance of republic day. He also hoisted the indian flag. Physical director Md. Rizwan distributed the sweets to all volunteers and the celebration ended with national anthem.

3) Covid Vaccination drive at Vemana IT (06th July 2021)

NSS unit and YOUTH RED CROSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology in association with BBMP, organized COVID vaccination drive at Vemana IT campus on 06th and 07th July 2021. More than 400 students were given 1st dose of COVISHIELD and around 100 staff members were given 2nd dose of covishield. NSS volunteers helped the medical team of BBMP in smooth conduction of vaccination drive. Covid-19 tests were also conducted at the same time for all those who got vaccinated. NSS valunteers also created awareness about responsible behavior of students during vaccination drive. Beloved principal Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy B G extended complete support for the smooth conduction of covid vaccination drive.

Sl. No. Date Activity
1 05-06-19 World Environment Day
2 15-08-19 Independence day
3 31-08-19 One student one tree initiative
4 29-02-20 Swachch Bharath Abhiyan
5 04-03-20 Blood Donation camp

1) World Environment Day at KIDWAI Hospital (5th June 2019)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology participated in the world environmental day conducted by digvijay news and vijayavani at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology on 5th June 2019. An awareness on environment was given to lakhs of people through digvijay news. Around 30 volunteers of Vemana IT NSS unit participated in the event. The event had the presence of mayor gangambika, Mr. Uday Garudachaar (MLA), Dr. C Ramachandra, Director who planted the tree in kidwai hospital campus.

Famous kannada actor Mr. Vijayaraghavendra and actress Milana Nagaraj also participated in the event. More than 1000 plants were planted inside the campus of kidwai hospital. One of the NSS volunteer (Yashaswini) from Vemana IT spoke to the media about how holidays can be utilized to create awareness on environment. The programme ended with planting more than 1000 trees.

2) Independence Day celebration at Vemana IT (15th Aug 2019)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology celebrated the 73rd Independence day at Vemana IT on 15th Aug 2019. Beloved principal Dr.Vijayasimha Reddy B G, vice principal Mr. Chandrashekar S M, Physical director Mr. Mohammed rizwan and NSS programme officer Mr. S Puneeth graced the occasion. NSS volunteers along with few faculty members participated in the event. Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy, Principal, Vemana IT spoke to volunteers about the importance of independence day. He also hoisted the indian flag. Physical director Md. Rizwan distributed the sweets to all volunteers and the celebration ended with national anthem.

3) One student one tree initiative at Vemana IT (31st Aug 2019)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology started the one student one tree initiative in collaboration with Youth Red Cross unit of Vemana IT under the guidelines of AICTE. Dr. Viayasimha Reddy B G, principal Vemana IT and Mr. Chandrashekar S M, vice principal, Vemana IT motivated the students to take initiative in planting trees. The main objective of the initiative is to create responsibility of maintaining environment among all students. Beloved principal, Vemana IT handed over the plants to NSS volunteers as a sign of handing over the responsibility of environment. So far around 300 students have turned up for the task contributing to about 12% success in Vemana IT. If this percent reaches 100%, approximately 2000 plants will be planted by Vemana IT alone. NSS unit is continuously monitoring the progress.

4) Swachch Bharath Abhiyan at Vemana IT campus

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology in collaboration with youth red cross unit of Vemana IT conducted swachcha bharath abhiyan at Vemana IT campus on 29th Feb 2020. Around 50 NSS volunteers participated in the event and cleaned the campus. The main objective of conducting the event was to create awareness on clean campus among every student, faculty and non-teaching staffs. NSS volunteers collected paper cups, plastics and other wastes thrown in various places inside the campus. NSS unit has also given the guidelines for all the students to maintain the campus cleanliness.

5) Blood Donation camp at Vemana IT (4th March 2020)

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology organized a blood donation camp at Vemana IT campus on 4th March 2020 in collaboration with LIONS CLUB of bengaluru airport city and youth red cross unit of Vemana IT. Three major blood banks of rastrotthana blood centre, Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health and Bouring & Lady Curzon Hospitals were invited for the blood donation camp.

Sri K N Krishna Reddy, General secretary, KRJS, Prof. P Sadashiva Reddy, Joint secretary, KRJS, Dr. T Yella Reddy, Dean R & D, Vemana I T, Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy B G, Principal, Vemana IT, Sri Baabu Reddy, Lians Club, Prof. Mohan B, Professor emeritus, Vemana IT and fraternity of LIONS club inaugurated the blood donation camp by lighting the lamp. Lions club people thanked the management and principal of Vemana IT for extending their support for conducting blood donation camp. Sri. A R Shivaram, Vice president, KRJS also visited the camp and wished the entire team for conducting such an event. Around 286 students registered for blood donation in which 51 were rejected and a total of 235 units of blood was collected during the blood donation camp.

Rastrotthana blood centre received 87 units of blood, Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health blood bank received 83 units of blood and Bouring & Lady Curzon Hospital blood bank received 65 units of blood. Around 15 NSS volunteers helped the hospital teams in conducting blood donation camp. And also a day before the blood donation camp, an awareness on donating blood was done by Srimathi Sulochana Reddy, Lions Club in Vemana IT campus. She gave abundant information on benefits of donating blood and motivated the students to donate blood.

Sl. No. Date Activity
1 21/06/2018 'International yoga day'
2 15/08/2018 'Independence day celebration'
3 18/08/2018 'Induction programme for first year students about NSS'
4 29/08/2018 'Leadership programme by aikya to NSS volunteers'
5 26/09/2018 'Health checkup camp'
6 10/11/2018 'Drug awareness walk'
7 14/11/2018 'Children's day celebration at govt school'
8 02/02/2019 & 03/02/2019 'Awareness programme and painting at madiwala market'
9 19/03/2019 Blood donation camp at vemana institute of technology


Karnataka Reddy Jana Sangha celebrated international yoga day on 21st June 2018 at vemana institute of technology with the help of NSS units of Vemana I T, RJS PU college, RJS School and RJS Degree college. NSS volunteers and few staff members actively participated in the event.

A group of yoga teachers taught different Asanas to our NSS volunteers. Also sports and cultural head Sree Shamanna Reddy sir spoke about the importance of yoga in building the personality both physically and mentally.


Independence day was celebrated by NSS unit and student council of Vemana Institute of Technology on 15th aug 2018 by hoisting the national flag. All teaching and non teaching staffs participated in the event. There was oath taking ceremony of various positions of student council of Vemana I T. Sri. Vijayaraghava Reddy, Honorable president, GC, KRJS hoisted the flag.

Esteemed members of KRJS management committee spoke about the sacrifices of freedom fighters and importance of youth in building the nation. Also enlightened the NSS volunteers to participate in nation building activities.

Our beloved principal Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy spoke to NSS volunteers about the participation of youth in development of the human community and also motivated the students to actively involve in social activities


NSS orientation was arranged for the first year students on 18th of August in an auditorium.

During this first two hours was interactive presentation session by the NSS program officer Prof. Puneeth S, from Dept of Mechanical Engineering. Members of the college NSS team were also present.

The presentation started with introduction of the NSS unit and members of the college NSS committee, followed by the history and existence of NSS in our country.

Motto and symbol of NSS was explained to the students. Awareness of objectives of NSS was made with the pictorial examples and slogans from our holy book Bhagwathgita and Mahabharatha. Students enjoyed the session very much because it was very informative and interactive. Meaning of the education was very well explained to students.

Aims, programs and regular activities of NSS were explained and a small break was given to students. After the break students had team activities like group discussion, debate and leadership activities with the help of student council.

Overall the session was interactive, informative, interesting and inspiring to the students.


NSS unit of Vemana I T conducted a leadership programme to our NSS volunteers in collaboration with AIKYA (a youth initiative of The Akshaya Patra Foundation) on 29th Aug 2018 in Vemana I T auditorium. Ajit Kaikini - Director of Bouyancee Training and growth, enlightened the volunteers for on leadership. Complete details of the program is given below.

Aikya leadership wokshop by Mr.AJIT KAKINI

Ajit Kaikini - Director of Bouyancee Training and growth. He is a motivational trainer who has in-depth 15 years of experience in sales/marketing, production and admin/training in companies at top positions in blue chip, pharma companies.

He conducts training programmes all over the world in six languages. And also conducts life skills and soft skills programmes to large corporations such as adidas, Accenture, Cisco, Indian Oil Corp., Stanchart , SBI, CanBank, LGSoft, Taj Hotels and ITC to name a few. Has also conducted training in Europe - Denmark and UK.

He is a consultant to many educational & professional institutes and has conducted training for their students and staff in over 5 states.

He is associated with the Rudseti programme of Govt. of India & Dharmasthala, training their directors in soft skills, giving them ways & means to inspire and motivate their students. The officers in Vidhana Soudha and the officers of internationally famous e-chaupal of ITC too undergo his trainings to develop soft skills.


Be A Social Leader

To conduct activities motivated by the primary purpose of serving the society through various social engineering and community development projects.

To create innovative solutions to immediate social problems and mobilize ideas, capacities, resources and social arrangement required for sustainable social transformation.

Basically focuses on the three major aspects namely:

School Education
To educate the underprivileged children section and to develop them as future leaders through the necessary knowledge and skills.

To increase the green cover of our country by conducting tree plantation drives and also creating environmental awareness by mobi­lizing volunteers for environmental conservation campaigns.

Cleanliness and Hygiene
Encouraging individuals and corporates to join hands in support of Government of India's Swachh Bharat by cleaning the streets, roads and other infrastructure and also conducting campaigns to make a permanent impact.

On successful completion of Aikya Leadership workshop in VEMANA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY


Health checkup camp was organized by NSS unit of VEMANA IT on 26th Sep 2018 in association with united india limited. Apollo team of doctors visited our campus to conduct health checkup to all the teaching and non-teaching staffs of VEMANA IT. Small seminar was given by Dr. Naveen, dept. of orthopedics, Apollo hospital, to all the lady faculties about contraception.


The incidence of drug abuse among children and adolescents is higher than the general population. This is notably because youth is a time for experimentation and identity forming. In India an NGO revealed that 63.6% of patients coming in for treatment were introduced to drugs at a young age below 15 years. There are very few health centers that deal with child abuse problems, especially in the rural areas. The use of tobacco is another major concern among children.

To tackle the above issue a walk against drug abuse was organized by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Government of Karnataka in association with Bangalore City Police at St. Joseph's Indian High School ground opposite to UB city, Bengaluru on 10th of November 2018.

40 NSS volunteers accompanied by the staff members from vemana institute of technology, participated in the walk against drug abuse to create awareness amongst the public of Bengaluru.


The NSS unit of the vemana IT celebrated Children's Day of this year by spending some quality time with the children of the government higher primary school, koramangala. A team of NSS volunteers along with staff members visited the school and distributed stationary equipment and sweets to the kids and enjoyed the company of each other. It was a joyful experience for the NSS volunteers and also for the kids of the school.


NSS unit of vemana institute of technology conducted awareness programme to all vendors in madiwala market on 2nd and 3rd of February 2019 in collaboration with VEDAN trust (NGO). NSS volunteers cleaned the walls of market shops and also painted the walls with beautiful designs. Around 20 volunteers participated in the event and made it successful.

Vendors in madiwala market used to throw the waste to the roads and also they never separated the waste into dry and wet. Our NSS volunteers did a great job in convincing the madiwala market vendors to separate the waste into dry and wet waste. Tremendous awareness is been created in the minds of the vendors about keeping the market clean. Now 90 to 95% of the vendors are following BBMP instructions.

Ms. Suhasini from vedan trust spoke to all our NSS volunteers and motivated them to do this great job. NSS volunteers also had social exposure when they spoke to all the vendors about cleanliness.


NSS unit of Vemana I T organized a blood donation camp on 19th March 2019 in collaboration with LIONS club at vemana I T campus. Three govt. organizations namely, Blood Transfusion and Immunohaematology unit - Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Department of transfusion medicine (blood bank) - Victoria Hospital and Rashtrotthana blood bank collected the blood from the volunteers of vemana institute of technology. Total 261 units of blood was collected benefiting many poor patients across Bengaluru.

Our beloved principal Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy B G along with Sree. Vijaya Raghava Reddy, President, KRJS, Sree. Muninaagappa, General secretary, KRJS and members of Lions club inaugurated the camp by lighting the lamp. An awareness about the blood donation was conveyed to all the NSS volunteers during the blood donation camp.

Sl. No. Date Activity
1 23/11/2017 'Awareness campaign for 'Tobacco Free Children'
2 JAN 2018 'Operation suraksha - compliance monitoring'
3 12/01/2018 'Vivekananda jayanthi (national youth day)'
4 21/03/2018 'Workshop on developing future leaders for tobacco control'

1) Awareness campaign for 'Tobacco Free Children'

NSS unit of Vemana Institute of technology participated in campaign for "Tobacco free children" organized by consortium for tobacco free Karnataka (CFTFK), held at freedom park, Bangalore, on 23rd November 2017. More than 40 volunteers of NSS unit along with 7 staff coordinators, participated in this event to give a kick start for the anti-tobacco measures to control tobacco usage.

Freedom Park, a public space in the heart of the city, came alive on Thursday with youngsters from schools and colleges across the city came together for a cause. Slogans such as "Say no to tobacco and save our future," "Control tobacco for the sake of children" "Implement loose cigarette ban and e-cigarette ban" reverberated the surroundings as a state level campaign titled "Tobacco-free-Children" was kick-started.

Organized by the Consortium for Tobacco-Free Karnataka(CFTFK), a network of Health Care Institutions, Educational Institutions and civil society organizations, working for the implementation of tobacco control measures in the larger interest of public health, saw participation of around 700 youngsters from around 20 schools and colleges across the city.

Pradyumna, an engineering student from Vemana Institute of Technology thanked the state government for its recent move to ban sale of loose cigarettes, bidi and chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes in state. "Tobacco products are a threat to the future of this country as they result in youngsters not only have adverse effect on their health but also lose focus in their life. We want government departments and ministries related to tobacco trade to commit themselves to implement such measures," he added.

Chief Guest on the occasion Dr Kripa Amar Alva analysed that tobacco products, especially cigarettes and bidis, if available in the loose form, are a gateway to drug addiction among youngsters. "All children have the right to smoke-free environment and free from addictive substances including tobacco, the State Government is committed to take all measures to protect children and support all other initiatives by health care institutions and civil society organisations in this regard", She added.

Guest of Honour Mr. Arjun Devaiah an acclaimed International Athlete, Arjuna Awardee & Olympian, called for strict implementation of both loose cigarette and e-cigarette ban to protect health of children. "It is important that youth should understand what is right and wrong for themselves and the society. Keeping themselves physically active, involving in sports keep them healthy. Tobacco consumption at early ages weakens one's body and mind which will lead to premature deaths, this in turn effects the development of the country. Students are the future of our nation, hence keep away from tobacco and contribute to the progress of our country", he added.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balekundri, Senior cardiologist and Honorary President, CFTFK, said, "The state Government at any cost should not reverse or withdraw the order bowing to any kind of political or any other kind of pressure tactics. It is necessary to make youngsters aware of the serious health impact tobacco consumption can cause to them," she added.

Mr. S J Chander, Convenor, CFTFK, said building network with schools and colleges throughout the state to create awareness about the tobacco control measures and ill-effects of tobacco is the main aim of the campaign. "Thereby, we aim to make youngsters as champions against the tobacco epidemic," he pointed out.

C A Ramesh from Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka said "It's a good initiative and my best wishes for the cause and regarding the tobacco awareness all of us have a greater role to play, even though the ban of cigarettes and other substances in and around schools, it is not been implemented strictly , as a result children's as young as 8-9 year are found smoking for fun and trial, vendors provide children's cigarettes even thou it's a violation, the law and rules has to be implemented strongly, School heads should be given powers to enforce the law with framing certain guidelines."


Our NSS unit is the first unit in state to undertake a new programme entitled, "operation suraksha - compliance monitoring" to control the illegal sales of tobacco products in Bangalore. NSS volunteers have been allocated for different wards for compliance monitoring using compliance monitoring tool.


NSS unit, Vemana I T celebrated Vivekananda jayanthi on 12 Jan 2018 in the presence of principal, heads of all the departments and teaching and non teaching staffs. This day is also celebrated as national youth day, as swamy Vivekananda enlightened more on youth power and the role of youth in building the nation.

Dr. Vijayasimha reddy B G, Principal, Vemana I T, addressed about the philosophy and ideologies of swamy Vivekananda. He also insisted everyone to cultivate the values of swamy vivekananda in order to have success in life.


NSS unit of vemana institute of technology, conducted Workshop on "Developing future leaders for tobacco control" in collaboration with CFTFK. Around 80 students participated in the workshop held on 21st march 2018. NSS volunteers were emphasized on the hazardous effects of tobacco consumption and actions to be taken to control tobacco.


NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology, Bengaluru organized a special camp in the adopted village, Dasaiahgaarupalli, Baagepalli Tq. from 25-02-2019 to 03-03-2019. This special camp was organized with the help of Panchayati Raj, Devaragudipalli, baagepalli Tq. The Volunteers of the NSS unit performed many activities - awareness programmes as literacy, tree plantation, health and hygiene, construction and repairs, communal harmony etc. Around 63 students and 7 faculties participated in the special camp for 7 days. These 63 volunteers were distributed to 6 teams with one captain to monitor the team. Work load was distributed to all the 6 teams equally during the 7 days camp. Details of the work and time schedule is attached below.

Teams 26-02-19 27-02-19 28-02-19 01-03-19 02-03-19 03-03-19
Team1 (Kaveri) Kitchen incharge Flag hoisting incharge Program incharge Cultural incharge Day camp report Living space incharge
Team2 (Ganga) Living space incharge Kitchen incharge Flag hoisting incharge Program incharge Cultural inchargec Day camp report
Team3 (Godavari) Day camp report Living space incharge Kitchen incharge Flag hoisting incharge Program incharge Cultural incharge
Team4 (Bhaagirathi) Cultural incharge Day camp report Living space incharge Kitchen incharge Flag hoisting incharge Program incharge
Team5 (Krishna) Program incharge Cultural incharge Day camp report Living space incharge Kitchen incharge Flag hoisting incharge
Team6 (Narmada) Flag hoisting incharge Program incharge Cultural incharge Day camp report Living space incharge Kitchen incharge

Day - 1 (25th Feb 2019)

The forenoon session of the Day began with a Procession by volunteers in the village. Volunteers rallied into the streets of the village to create awareness among the villagers about the ensuing special camp programme in their village for a period of one week.

This was followed by an inauguration Program held at Dasaiahgaarupalli village. The programme was started with a prayer to almighty and handing over a plant to NSS volunteers as a sign of responsibility towards sustaining the nature for future generation. The chief guest Sree. Prabhakara reddy, director, kolar-chikkaballapura milk federation limited, and other dignitaries were welcomed by NSS Programme officer Mr. Puneeth S. The inaugural speech was delivered by Mr. Sathyanarayana Reddy, Taluk health officer, baagepalli Tq. Inauguration program had a gracious presence of Mr. V Anjanappa, Head Master government school gundlapalli, Mr. Ashwathappa, physical education director, Mr. Raja Reddy, villager, Mr. Murali Krishna, HoD, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Vemana I T. During the program, Sree Prabhakar reddy emphasised the role of NSS in the community service and importance of youth in building social harmony. Program was conducted by NSS Programme officer of the unit Mr. Puneeth S, Assistant Professor of the department of Mechanical Engineering have also expressed their opinions about the NSS camp. Several village people attended the function. Village authorities welcomed the team of Volunteers into their village and assured them all sorts of co-operation needed in making the special camp a success.

After the program volunteers interacted with Village people and visited the people in their houses discussed about their needs and requirements. Volunteers created awareness through door to door campaign on cleanliness, spread of diseases, importance of environment and judicious use of electricity, water harvesting and importance of ground water. After taking dinner volunteers discussed the project agenda and activities with NSS programme officer. Before going into the bed volunteers sang the NSS song.

Day - 2 (26th Feb 2019)

In the dawn of the second Day, volunteers started their activities with yoga and meditation followed by flag hoisting organized by team 6. NSS volunteers started the shramadana soon after the breakfast. Volunteers distributed the road construction and repair work to each team and around 400 meters of road was repaired and cleaned.

Afternoon session was used for fire safety awareness programme by fire department in the gundlapalli govt school. Mr. Basavaraju K, DFSO, Fire station baagepalli delivered a talk on fire safety in various situations. Later Mr. Sathyappa demonstrated the tools used for fire safety. Fire department team also demonstrated the fire extinction process during emergencies. Many villagers, school students, NSS volunteers witnessed the workshop given by the fire department. After the dinner volunteers had a discussion on the day's program and plan of action for the next day.

Day - 3 (27th Feb 2019)

The Forenoon Session of third day began with yoga, meditation and flag hoisting. Road repair and cleaning process continued with same effort. At the end volunteers completed another 400 meters of road repair and cleaning.

Afternoon session, NSS unit headed for creating awareness to villagers on health and hygiene. A talk by Mr. Nagaraj rao, Block health education officer, Baagepali on CLEANLINESS AND HEALTH was organized in the govt school. Mr. Nagaraj rao explained how cleanliness plays a major role in our health to school children and villagers. An awareness was created among the villagers about cleanliness around their houses. A door to door interactions were done by the volunteers to create awareness on health and hygiene.

Also as a part of health concerns NSS volunteers organized few games to school children and also faculties to show case that a refreshed mind helps in maintaining the physical health. Also there were few cultural activities by school children. The day was ended with useful discussion about program.

Day - 4 (28th Feb 2019)

The Subject of fourth day camp was voting awareness. NSS volunteers starting the day with yoga, meditation, NSS oath taking, flag hoisting and NSS song headed for the village to do shramadana. About 50 volunteers divided themselves into sub groups and went into the streets, lanes and by lanes of the village and organized a cleanliness drive. Volunteers cleaned the village roads, removed dust heaps and cleared the stagnant drainage flows and attempted to create awareness on Cleanliness and hygiene. They swept with brooms on the roads of the village.

Later in the afternoon volunteers organized voting awareness to all the villagers. There were one to one interaction with villagers by the NSS volunteers. A group of NSS volunteers visited each and every home in the village and enquired about voter IDs and also noted the villagers who had not registered for voting. List of people newly eligible for voting was given to respective officers to create their election IDs. Mr. Ashwathappa, PT, Govt school delivered a talk on importance of having the right of voting. End of the day a discussion on all activities and further improvement to be added was carried.

Day - 5 (1st March 2019)

The fifth day of the camp was full of events, It was mainly dedicated to create awareness on depleting forests. In the forenoon session all the volunteers joined hands together to complete the cleaning process in the village. In the afternoon an awareness programme on effect of current developments on forests. A resourceful person from forest department was invited to give a talk on forest development and its importance. He insisted every person present in the program to plant at least one tree and maintain it. Later cultural activities were organised for young lads and prize was distributed by NSS program officer and other guests. The day ended with NSS song and discussion.

Day - 6 (2nd March 2019)

The Six day began with Prarthana and Yoga followed by flag hoisting. The Volunteers discussed the day plan with programme officer Mr. Puneeth S and decided to paint the walls of the govt school and clean the surroundings of the govt school in gundlapalli village. Volunteers cleared a drainage near the school and made sure that the water is not stagnant near the school. Around 50 NSS volunteers painted the compound wall of the school.

Later a talk on IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN IN DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIETY was given by Mrs. Saritha, president, village panchayath, devaragudipalli. She emphasized on women empowerment in today’s world to create better societal harmony. After the discussion of day’s activities, volunteers ended the day with NSS song.

Day - 7 (3rd March 2019)

The seventh day was the closing day of the camp. In continuation to Previous Day Programme, the Forenoon Session of 6th day was dedicated to trekking to nearest hill as part of tuning the physical strength of the NSS volunteers. Combination of a fit body, healthy mind and pure heart will create a responsible NSS volunteer. The second session of the day was allotted to valedictory function. Function was presided over by Sree. Prabhakara reddy, director, kolar-chikkaballapura milk federation limited. Mr. V Anjanappa, Head Master government school gundlapalli, Mr. Ashwathappa, physical education director, Mr. Raja Reddy, villager, Mr. Murali Krishna, HoD, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Vemana I T, Mr. Baabu reddy, villager were present at the function. Sree. Prabhakara reddy addressed the gathering and explained about various service activities undertaken during the period of stay in the village. All the guests appreciated the Volunteers and staff for their work and thanked the village authorities for their support. Mr. Murali Krishna, HoD, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Vemana I T profusely thanked the volunteers and program officer and the Management of the college for their various service activities and assured all sorts of co-operation in their future operations as an adopted village. Guests were felicitated by the NSS volunteers for their cooperation. Villagers appreciated the works of NSS unit of Vemana Institute of Technology. The session concluded by vote of thanks proposed by one of the NSS volunteer.

There ends the seven days camp which was a huge success. The NSS team headed back to the college carrying lots of experiences, learnings and memories with absolute satisfaction. All the volunteers showed much enthusiasm and justified the motto "NOT ME BUT YOU" and also reflected the theme "WE SERVE THE DESERVED".

Outcomes of the Special Camp

Volunteers inculcated team and social work attitude for the betterment of village community.
A stretch of 0.8 km road repair and cleaning was completed near dasaiahgaarupalli village.
The government school compound and its surroundings was cleaned and painted.
Drainages of the village were cleared and made easy for the free flow of stagnant water.
Water tank and its surroundings was cleaned.
Name board of the village was painted and made it legible.
Special camp helped the volunteers to develop sense of social and civic responsibility.
Volunteers acquired leadership qualities and problem solving abilities.
Volunteers were trained by fire safety department to handle fire emergencies.

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